Be a Board Governor:

The Board of Governors of the New Lebanon Foundation is comprised of community members, parents, teachers, business leaders, and school administrators. 

Please consider becoming a board member of the Foundation or an advisor to the board to help with any or all of our duties such as strategic planning, grant review, project facilitation, fundraising, communications, mailings, organization of events and other potential projects. Please contact Barbara Ruhe at bfruhe@gmail.com to learn how you can help.

Volunteer at Foundation Events:

The New Lebanon Foundation needs your help! Whatever your expertise (press work, baking, organization skills, fundraising, education or other skills) we need your help to make our students successful and curious learners.   Help is needed in a number of capacities to do mailings, organize events and other potential projects.  Please contact Barbara Ruhe at bfruhe@gmail.com or Janet Haley at haleyhill@hotmail.com  and learn how you can help.