Past Grants

2013 Grants

Members of the High School Drama Club visited NYC for a Broadway workshop with professional actors entitled “Making a Scene.” Afterwards they attended a Broadway show After Midnight at the Brook Atkinson Theatre.

Elementary School students learned about global awareness by writing and singing songs with visiting artist John Farrell as part of the Social Studies curriculum.

2012 Grants

Walter B Howard Elementary school students put on the production The Little Mermaid.

Proctors performed the middle school traveling productions Tales of the Underground regarding the Underground Railroad  and Warriors Don’t Cry regarding one of the  Little Rock Nine students who risked her life to end segregation.

Eighth grade Hispanic Art in Harlem

Multicultural and Diversity Day

Additional Grant Awards 

Music in the Parks supported a trip to a judged competition in Virginia by the high school jazz band which was comprised of 25 students in grades nine through twelve.

Elementary School Drama Club received funding to help support their performance of the musical, Seussical.  As the students learned acting and performance techniques they were also developing their interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

A  group of junior/senior high school Students Studying Spanish were granted financial support to attend a one-woman performance of The House on Mango Street, a series of vignettes highlighting the struggles and triumphs taking place within Latin American culture.

The tenth grade class received assistance for their Trip to Salem, MA in conjunction with their study of Arthur Millers The Crucible, a play centered on the 1692 Salem witchcraft trials.

Funding was granted for the creation of a student-centered Elementary School Newspaper to be compiled by students in grades 4-6.

Publishing costs for ROAR: Arts Magazine, the New Lebanon Jr/Sr High Schools arts magazine showcasing the works of students, faculty, and staff, were underwritten.

Students participating in a summer German Exchange Program to experience German culture and language received a grant to supplement their funding.

Art students visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York City to experience art “up close and personally”.

Students in grades K-6 participated in the My World Photography Project.  With the encouragement of Jane Feldman, a nationally known photojournalist, the children were given the opportunity to take or be the subjects of photographs of meaningful aspects of their world and to engage in group discussion and writing about their photography.

The Jr/Sr High School students participated in the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Program, a modern dance workshop focusing on stories of community.